The Union of Baltic States Edit

Geography of the Union Edit

The Union of Baltic States is a country located in the Baltic region in Northern Europe, consisting of the three Baltic states. It is bordered by Russia, alongside Belarus, and includes a maritime border with Finland and Sweden.

Ethnics and General Information Edit

Consisting predominately of ethnic Latvians, Lithuanians, and Estonians, the Union of Baltic States has maintained throughout its existence a resistance and dislike towards cultures other than its own, most notably their disdain towards Russians. Formed through the union of Latvia and Lithuania through the guidance of Dear Leader Stahl, the Union has grown both economically, and militarily. The Union of Baltic States has shown its military capabilities through the assistance in the liberation of Somalia from Nod, alongside the liberation of Lithuania. Amongst this, most recently the Union has begun to integrate Estonia into the Union, following the democratic referendum within Estonia to join the Union.

2018-2019 (Pašpaļāvība Year 59-60) Edit

The Dear Leader Stahl, originally having been a former marshal within the Latvian military overthrew the government in the later part of 2018, and had begun to liberate the proletariat from the corruption and deceit of democracy. Throughout his rule, the conditions within Latvia, and the Union as a whole has improved, alongside with the living standards and wages.

In August, 2019 through a deal with Tsar Romanov, Dear Leader Stahl bought the Kaliningrad Socialist State for $10,000, alongside a 1 million dollar fee to move everyone in Kaliningrad back to Russia. This deal was later reversed, with a refund of all expenses.

Balt Charge, Kenya

Balt charge in Kenya, painted by the Glorious Successor.

North Korean Song- Snowstorm of the Revolution

North Korean Song- Snowstorm of the Revolution

Anthem of the UBS

In September of 2019, in the efforts to assist American allies in Kenya, the Dear Leader deployed the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions in the destruction of Nod. This had resulted in the death of all divisions minus the Fourth, after a bayonet charge in the name of the Dear Leader Stahl. Alongside this, Balt Forces were deployed to peace keep in the Democratic People's Republic of Thailand.
Battle Hymn of the People's Volunteer Army "中国人民志愿军战歌"

Battle Hymn of the People's Volunteer Army "中国人民志愿军战歌"

Balt Liberation Army Hymn

We envy nothing in the world

We envy nothing in the world

Top song of the year, Pašpaļāvība year 1